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A rather impressive list of videogame currency

What do taxes have to do with games? Money is earned and spent in some of your favorite videogames. How else you are you going to buy extra parts for your shotgun or get an extra life? You need the scratch, yo. We’ve found a heap of gaming currency to remind you just how important the green is for videogames.

Used for purchasing weapons like assault rifles and flamethrowers.

Cash for potions, armor, items, etc.

Why didn’t they just say “gold coins?”

Kill some enemies, take their hearts (brutal), trade with gods, get some items.

Collect 100 of these for an extra life. The closest thing in real life is pennies, but those are bronze and are almost worthless.

Purchase items and upgrades by collecting spare building parts. Only in the future are the items that hold shelves together worth something.

Kollektable kurrency used to unlokk extras like outfits and kharakters.

As the national currency of SimNation, the value usually fluctuates between titles. Whether that’s due to real life SimNation market tendencies or just for good ol’ fun hasn’t been specified by developer Maxis.

Standard boring currency. Used to buy items. Move along.

Always popular in apocalyptic wastelands. Used for barter.