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A rather impressive list of videogame currency

Cash can be exchanged for health and other items, while ADAM is more like a commodity and is used primarily for plasmids, upgrades and purchasing other tonics. But can you get cash from harvesting a creepy girl? Hell no! We already tried that.

The Buckazoid is the base currency for everyone in the galaxy. Duh.

Munny. Sounds like money. Used to purchase items and other RPG shit. Cute.

You can buy bombs and arrows. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

We Googled what Adena was used for and just came up with a bunch of sites about how to purchase the currency from other players.

Used to buy all the stuff you need to outfit your bachelor pad and uh… outfit with. Also what you need to earn to work off your debt at the outset of the game.

Hard to come by, this rare currency is used to purchase stuff items and upgrades on the black market.

As the late Raul Julia once said, one Bison Dollar will be equal to five British Pounds in Bisonopolis once the Queen was kidnapped.

You may have noticed Fluffy the Fish engraved on the coin. Good job. These coins are used to purchase all kinds of upgrades for your enjoyment of the game. Non-members have limited use of their funds.