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Star Wars: Turns out George Lucas added Greedo's "maclunky" line to A New Hope on Disney Plus

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Update: According to Fandom's official Twitter account, the proper spelling of Greedo's last words are "ma klounkee" which translates to "it'll be the end of you." It's been said before in the Star Wars saga: Sebulba says it to Anakin in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Check it out below.

Original Story: You gotta love the age of the internet, where mysteries never go unsolved for long – even the Maclunky mystery. In the wee hours of the first day of Disney's new streaming service, Disney Plus, Star Wars: A New Hope gave us more questions than answers. Fans noticed an additional line of Greedo's dialogue in A New Hope during the infamous, often-debated cantina scene. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we've got answers.

Whether or not Han shoots first is irrelevant in this scene (we know the truth, no matter how often you change it, Lucas), because now we've got this. Just before Greedo fires at Han, the alien firmly says, "Maclunky." 

Naturally, this sent us into a tailspin of speculation. Is Maclunky a space slur? Is it a nickname? Is it a death rite? Why in the Maclunky is it in there? It's the only piece of Greedo's dialogue that isn't translated, so naturally we're all going mad with wonder.

Well, we don't have answers to any of those questions, really. But we do know who added it in there. George Lucas, of course. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Disney rep maintains that Lucas "made the change before the property was acquired in 2012." That means that Maclunky has been canon for seven years, guys. I know, I'm having trouble coping with it myself. If we get any more details as to what Maclunky means, or if it was just an unfortunate last word for ol' Greedo, we'll fill you in.

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