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Action-heavy Cowboys & Aliens trailer lands

A new trailer for Jon Favreau's summer hopeful Cowboys & Aliens has arrived online.

It's mouth-watering stuff, featuring snippets of new footage, but thankfully it's not as spoiler-heavy as some promos.

We get to hear Daniel Craig's Old West drawl in a little more detail, and there's more of Olivia Wilde's Ella (which is never going to be a cause for complaint). We even get a tiny glimpse of Sam Rockwell's Doc.

Apart from a mysterious looking hand, the extra-terrestrials are kept tantalisingly off-screen. And the trailer makes good use of an Audioslave soundtrack to turbo-charge the action.

Check it out for yourself here:

Cowboys & Aliens is shaping up to be one of the silly season's most exciting prospects, and it's due to hit cinemas on 12 August 2011.