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A Death Stranding world tour is coming to a city near you

(Image credit: @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN)

The official Kojima Productions Twitter account has alerted us to a Death Stranding world tour starting on October 30 in Paris. The tour, officially titled World Strand Tour, will start in Paris before heading to London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. 

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Details are scarce, but we do know that Hideo Kojima himself will be there, and knowing his flair for the dramatic, probably with some special guests. Will Mads show up in Singapore? Reedus in SF? Will Geoff Keighley just be tagging along to each one? Does the world tour include some of the performers featured on the official Death Stranding album like Kojima's favorite band, CHVRCHES?

The World Strand Tour is clearly another car on the Death Stranding hype train (does it need more hype, can more be attained?), one that will surely be kicking us up into a frenzy before the game's release on November 8. Considering there are more cities on the list than there are days between the start of the tour and the release date for Death Stranding, it's safe to say the tour will likely run up to and after the day the game drops. 

With Kojima, we can expect lots of fanfare, reveals, and lingering questions, so expect this Death Stranding world tour to be the topic of conversation come the end of October and beyond. Until then, we can only guess what Kojima Productions has in store for us. 

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