9 Greatest Muppet Movie Parodies

There's only two things we like more than Muppets, and it's a bit of swearing and a touch of the old ultra-violence.

Luckily, some YouTube geniuses have commanded the cathode critters to homage movies like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, House Of 1000 Corpses and Casiono for our entertainment.

We've collected some of the greatest ever Muppet movie parodies - including some lighter entries, Muppet Babies do Star Wars, anyone? - but please be careful, some of them are childhood-destroying. So we've included warnings with each one. Because we care.

Reservoir Dogs Take Manhattan

The Genius: Taking the diner scene from Reservoir Dogs and meshing it with the diner scene from Muppets Take Manhattan in an edit so brilliant you’ll swear that Tarantino’s directing Gonzo.

The Warning: The dialogue was scripted by Quentin, so there’s a lot of swearing. And there’s something rather dispiriting about seeing Kermit drop the eff-bomb.[page-break]

Muppets Audition For Yoda

The Genius: We love anything that suggests the Muppets exist in the real-world. This video has them as jobbing actors, queuing up to be Yoda.

Kermit double-checks the script: “Is this supposed to be like this?” and Animal barks: “Yoda, Jedi Master, Yoda!” instead of reading his lines. What’s not to like?

The Warning: Some of the ‘modern’ Muppets take part. The bastards.[page-break]

Pulp Muppets

The Genius: It took 180 hours to make. It was worth every second.

The Warning: No matter how much you love the trailer, there will never be a full-length movie.

According to creators Rob Paul and Eric Myles: “Ain’t going to happen. Ever. Too much time. Too little time. Not enough of the too much time.”[page-break]

House Of 1000 Muppets

The Genius: Another slice of editing artwork, this one takes the trailer for Rob Zombie’s ace House Of 1000 Corpses and somehow makes it even better.

T he Warning: It might make you clamour for Rob Zombie to be announced as the director of The Muppet Movie 2, which should never, ever happen.[page-break]

Bert & Ernie Casino

The Genius: Taking two all-time great double-acts and squishing them together into a sweary shouty mess. Our favourite bit? When Ernie chastises Bert for appearing on TV. Actual brilliance.

The Warning: Ernie hasn’t sworn this much at Ernie since he caught him in bed with Big Bird.[page-break]

The Bear Wit Project

The Genius: There’s been approximately 23 billion Blair Witch parodies, but this is officially the best, because it’s got Muppets in it, obviously.

The Warning: You’ll never hear Wocka, Wocka, Wocka in the same way again. And the sight of Kermit standing in the corner will never leave you. [page-break]


The Genius: Taking a film that no child will have ever seen and spoofing it in order to teach them the alphabet.

If the kids weren’t confused by the order in which letters are supposed to appear, they’d be puzzled by why that Muppet keeps telling the other Muppet to play it again. That’s brilliant in our book.

The Warning: Sam sings the whole alphabet before we get to any actual dialogue. Then he plays it again. And again. And again.[page-break]

Muppet Babies Do Star Wars

The Genius: Baby Fozzie Bear as Chewbacca, Baby Gonzo as Gonzolo. The way the cartoon creators spliced actual footage from the films into the action. All great.

We don’t care what anyone says, Muppet Babies was genius (this is disputed in the office - Ed) . And the bit where Gonzo describes the appeal of Star Wars is better than anything in any of the prequels.

The Warning: Nanny’s kind of a spoilsport.[page-break]

Muppet Star Wars

The Genius : The Star Wars cast – all right, Mark Hamill, a couple of droids and an embarrassed looking Chewbacca – turn up on the Muppet Show set to deliver more gags per-minute than Jonathan Ross trying to be sincere.

The Warning: At one point, Chewbacca is forced to dance. The horror, the horror.

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