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6 Robert De Niro movies that would make badass games

TheDeNiromashup: GTA meets Goodfellas

So, all your life you always wanted to be a gangster, huh? Well kissour cannelloni if Rockstar isn't about to make your wiseguy-fantasising dreams come true. Joining forces with Scorsese, the developer's Goodfellas/GTA hybrid will let players roam around 70s New York, taking part in all manner of missions ripped from the film's celluloid.

From taking part in the Lufthansa heist, sharing a bowl of spaghetti with Johnny Two Times, to learning how to cut garlic so thin it liquefies in the pan; Goodfellas Theft Auto offers the authentic Italian American experience. That, and it'll also let you totally whack the shit out of anyone that calls you 'funny'.

Above: The game that lets you buy a wig then brutally stab the wig shop owner in the back of the neck

TheDe Niromashup: Poker Smash meets Casino

The year is 1973. The place is the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Playing a young up-and-coming poker pro, it's your job to fleece Sam Rothstein's casino for every cent in the place. You'll play cards, the slots and roulette, as you try to outfox security and avoid getting done in by Joe Pesci and his brutal biro.

The unofficialcompanion piece tothe classic 1995 film, this is theperfect game for anyone with a crippling to semi crippling gambling problem. The house might not always win in the virtual Tangiers. But get caught trying to pull a scam here and you can look forward to an all expenses paid trip to a hole in the desert.

Above: Win at this casino and you'll take the sort of trip to the desert that ends with you getting to second base with a shovel and a plie of dirt

TheDe Niromashup: Crazy Taxi meets Taxi Driver

On every street in every city, there's a nobody who dreams of being a somebody... who then goes out and runs over loads of old ladies and puppies in his cab. That's right, after years in development hell, Sega is finally ready to releaseits gritty reimagining of the Crazy Taxi series, with a mentally disturbed twist.

Join Travis Bickle for the ultimate joy ride or... eh, homicide ride, as he tries to impress Cybill Shepherd by moving down everyone in sight. So if you're a disgruntled cabbie who's dreamed of snapping and shooting that mouthy customer in the back seat, then this is the game you've been looking for all your slightly demented life. Just promise us you won't try to shoot the President because you've gotthe hotsfor Jodie Foster, alright?

Above: Actually Crazy Taxi - the game that makes mental illness fun!

Can you think ofany other famous film characters you think deserve their own kick-ass games?Then you should letyour voice ring loud and clear in the comments below.

May 3, 2010