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The 50 best Iron Man moments

I Nose You

The Moment: “Shouldn’t there be a nose?” was Stan Lee’s feedback on an Iron Man cover in 1974.

Cue a quick suit redesign which saw Iron Man’s mask (briefly) gain a nose…

As Seen In: Iron Man #68

Why It's Cool: Well, it didn’t stick around, but it’s an interesting moment in the continuing development of Iron Man’s armour.

If It Had Been Batman: Iron Man got a nose to make breathing easier.

Surely Batman’s suit needs a zip to make lavatory trips easier?

Seen Iron Man 3 ? Watch our spoiler-filled post-analysis below, as the TF discusses the twists, action, and whether it's the best Marvel movie yet.

*MASSIVE ENORMOUS SPOILER WARNING* though - we don't recommend you watching it until you've seen the movie.

Iron Scream

The Moment: A drunk Tony Stark suits up as Iron Man and beats the crap out of Machine Man when he comes calling for help.

As Seen In : ‘The Iron Scream’ Iron Man (Vol 1) 168

Why It's Cool: Tony Stark in destructo mode is always entertaining.

If It Had Been Batman: He’d get pulled over by police for DUI and start drunkenly blathering on about his dead parents.


The Moment: We’re introduced to the gobby wonder that is Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), who’s in Afghanistan to give a demonstration of his new Jericho missile.


As Seen In: Iron Man (2008)

Why It's Cool: Explosions pretty. It’s also one heck of an introduction to Downey Jr’s singularly wily, loveable Iron Man.

If It Had Been Batman: He wouldn’t have shown up for the presentation. He’s not exactly daylight-friendly.

Bunk Up

The Moment: Tony Stark discovers a bunker built by his dad in Nebraska, and attempts to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance.

As Seen In: ‘The Bunker’ Marvel Adventures: Iron Man #9

Why It's Cool: Not only do we get a rather more personal Iron Man story, we also get Iron Man fighting an army of grey, Iron Man armour automatons.

If It Had Been Batman:
Isn’t discovering more about his parents more of a Spider-Man thing?

Helmet Head

The Moment: Director Jon Favreau solves the problem of Iron Man’s mask being totally emotionless by putting a camera right inside the helmet.

Hey Presto, we’re in the suit with Tony!

As Seen In: Iron Man (2008)

Why It's Cool: It’s a clever way of reminding us that it really is Downey Jr inside the suit (even if it’s not).

See also: Sam Raimi burning off Spidey’s mask in Spider-Man.

If It Had Been Batman: We imagine it’s very dark inside Batman’s mask. And it probably smells likes tyres. Not somewhere you want to be.

Murder Suspect

The Moment: Iron Man is suspected of killing Tony Stark.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye kidnaps Pepper Potts in order to take Iron Man down. Eeshk.

As Seen In: ‘Suspected Of Murder!’ Tales of Suspense #60

Why It's Cool: It’s the comics playing around with the ‘secret identity’ thing, and has us wondering how Tony’s going to extricate himself from this mess.

If It Had Been Batman:
Sounds a bit like the end of The Dark Knight to us.

Armour Jump

The Moment: Tony Stark launches himself into the air as a colossal explosion goes off behind him.

Unfazed, he jumps straight into his Iron Man suit while still in mid-air.

As Seen In: Iron Man 3 (2013)

Why It's Cool:
It’s just one of those action movie things. Giant explosion. Tony Stark. Mid-flight armour-dressing. Three cool things in one extremely cool moment.

If It Had Been Batman: It would’ve taken a little longer to get the suit on. Rubber’s trickier than metal.

Fighting The President

The Moment: Things get relevant as Iron Man takes on an alternate universe version of the President of the United States.

As Seen In:

Why It's Cool: It doesn’t really make much sense, but the artwork’s awesome – and it’s Iron Man going up against the lead of the free world, for chrissakes.

If It Had Been Batman: It would be because The Joker was posing as the President. Or something.

From This Conflict

The Moment : Iron Man goes up against Crimson Dynamo, but Janice dies in the scuffle.

As Seen In: From the Conflict…Death!’ Iron Man #22

Why It's Cool:
There are real stakes and real losses here. Janice’s death is a massive blow to both readers and Tony.

If It Had Been Batman: He’d mope and beat himself up over Janice’s death.

Business as usual, then.

Black Widows Debut

The Moment: Slinky sex kitten Black Widow crops up for the very first time, not yet a SHIELD agent and resolutely anti-American, being Russian and all.

Which, obviously, grates with Stark.

As Seen In: Tales Of Suspense #52

Why It's Cool: Loads of Black Widow stuff from this issue eventually made it into Iron Man 2, and is some of the best stuff in the sequel.

If It Had Been Batman: He’d have finally found the perfect woman to get over Catwoman with. Miaow.