The 50 best Iron Man moments

Hello, Nick Fury

The Moment: Marvel unveils its first post-credits scene and it’s a doozy – Samuel L. Jackson swaggers onto screen as eyepatch-donning badass Nick Fury.

As Seen In: Iron Man (2008)

Why It's Cool: It’s possibly the most perfect casting from Marvel (after Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man), and Jackson nails it.

If It Had Been Batman:
Batman in an eyepatch anyone?

Worlds Most Wanted

The Moment: Tony attempts to take down Norman Osborn by removing his memories, but during the process, Tony finds himself getting dumber.

A Tony with no brain? Oh dear…

As Seen In: Invincible Iron Man #17

Why It's Cool: It’s Stark at one of his most vulnerable, down-trodden, gutter-hugging moments. It’s when he acts like a real human that we remember why we love him.

If It Had Been Batman : It would’ve been a plot about Bruce Wayne losing all his money – think The Dark Knight Rises only even more destitute.

Back Up

The Moment: Glimpsed in the Iron Man 3 trailer. Rhodey tells Stark that it’s probably time to call for back-up, which Stark does by summoning his Iron Army.

As Seen In: Iron Man 3 (2013)

Why It's Cool: Um, how is an Iron Army cool? IT JUST IS.

If It Had Been Batman : He’d summon a load of bats. Which, funnily enough, he does in Batman Begins.

New Suit

The Moment: “And so the new Iron Man, champion of champions, is born!” a jubilant Iron Man shrieks when he debuts his new, most famous armour.

As Seen In: Tales Of Suspense #48

Why It's Cool: It’s the Iron Man armour that we all know and love.

If It Had Been Batman: The new suit would have nipples.

Drone Fight

The Moment: Iron Man and War Hammer (Don Cheadle) suit up at the Expo, where they take on an army of drones in a quite garden setting.

As Seen In: Iron Man 2 (2010)

Why It's Cool: It’s the biggest fights in Iron Man 2, and it involves Iron Man showing off a fancy little laser trick.

If It Had Been Batman:
He’d need a Robin.

What A Hero

The Moment: Iron Man saves the day (and Manhattan) by intercepting a nuclear missile aimed at the city and dragging it off into space.

As Seen In: Avengers Assemble (2012)

Why It's Cool: It shows us that despite all the bravado, one-liners and self-serving agendas, Stark will do the right thing for the right reason when push comes to shove.

If It Had Been Batman: He’d use the explosion to fake his own death.

Invincible Iron Man

The Moment: The most recent Iron Man comic series is one of its most interesting, as Stark tackles Ezekiel Stane, plus self-imposed exile from SHIELD.

As Seen In:
Invincible Iron Man #1-25

Why It's Cool: It’s damn near a definitive take on Stark and a great storyline for Iron Man newbies to hop onto.

If It Had Been Batman: It would be a Christopher Nolan-directed movie – that’s how relevant and grounded this story arc is.

Coming Out

The Moment: “I am Iron Man!”

Tony Stark holds a press conference in which he comes out as Iron Man.

As Seen In: Iron Man (2008)

Why It's Cool: It breaks all the rules of the superhero world – superheroes aren’t supposed to reveal their secret identities.

Of course, Stark’s not just any superhero.

If It Had Been Batman:
It would have been the most angst-ridden press conference ever.


The Moment: Iron Man’s armour has become so advanced that it turns sentient, meaning Stark has to teach the armour the value of human life. And all that jazz.

As Seen In: ‘The Mask In The Iron Man’ Iron Man Vol. 3 #26-30

Why It's Cool: It came at a point when Iron Man comics were struggling to make much impact in the ‘90s, and was a (sorry) stark reminder that the best Iron Man stories are the ones with heart.

If It Had Been Batman: Batman’s teachings would involve how to hire the right butler and which fancy car to buy.

Iron Vs Iron

The Moment: Tony ends up in the gutter again after Obadiah Stane craftily dismantles his life.

Iron Man fights back, though, creating new armour to tackle Stane’s deadly Iron Monger.

As Seen In: ‘Iron Man Vs Iron Monger’ Iron Man Vol. 1 #160-200

Why It's Cool: It contains the first major armour redesign in over 10 years, and Iron Man’s clash with Iron Monger sits pretty amid themes of redemption and grief.

If It Had Been Batman: Batman would go up against a nega version of himself.

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