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50 Funniest Movie Mash-Ups

Harry Potter And The Brokeback Mountain

The Movies: The Harry Potter series and Brokeback Mountain .

The Mash-up: A recut of the Harry Potter films set to the Brokeback musical theme plummets Harry and Ron into a world where their unspoken attraction to one another becomes the biggest battle they’ve ever faced.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Ron’s opening line, the jangly guitar... it’s perfect.

The 400-Year Old Virgin

The Movies: Frat pack comedy, The 40-Year Old Virgin and tween lovefest, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse .

The Mash-up: This fan-made spoof imagines a world where vampires and werewolves aren’t fighting over Bella Swan, they’re probably hanging out in a basement playing videogames and bickering.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The “You know how I know you’re gay?” schtick borrowed from Virgin, bounced back and forth by Jacob and Edward.

Turbo Fast Cars

The Movies: Two animated transportation tales; Cars 2 and Turbo . One grandiose live version; Fast And Furious 6 .

The Mash-up: A recut of the Cars 2 and Turbo trailer eerily matches the plot to Fast 6 - which is helped all the more by the audio from the latter trailer bringing all three flicks together.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Turbo’s two snail brothers, Theo and Chet, voiced by Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

The Shining Meets Dumb And Dumber

The Movies: Haunted hotel horror, The Shining , and Farrelly Brothers’ comedy, Dumb and Dumber .

The Mash-up: Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) is desperate for the loo. Sadly, so is the writer-turned-lunatic Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson.) This nifty mash rids Shelley Duvall’s screaming Wendy and replaces her with the gaseous Harry.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Harry’s face after Jack serenades him with “little pigs, little pigs, let me come in.”

Captain America - Fuck Yeah!

The Movies: Marvel’s upcoming sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and puppet satire, Team America: World Police .

The Mash-up: Cap’s 30 second teaser trailer is given a massively NSFW facelift with Team America ’s America - Fuck Yeah song as the soundtrack for the preview.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The song’s last line ending perfectly in time with Cap’s shield grab. Nice.

Ice Ice Baby

The Movies: Cool As Ice, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Conan The Destroyer, Batman & Robin ... the entire mashup includes 280 movies in total. Click the captions button for the full list.

The Mash-up: Taking nifty one word samples from each film, this ambitious cut strings together a host of actors who unknowingly are singing Vanilla Ice’s “classic” Ice, Ice Baby .

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The main chorus features a triptych of Arnold Schwarzenegger characters belting out the catchy hook.

Woody Allen Is The Terminator

The Movies: 1984’s sci-fi time travel classic, The Terminator and Woody Allen’s sci-fi time travel comedy, Sleeper .

The Mash-up: A cut-up of Sleeper with the audio from the original Terminator trailer forges a new type of machine - one which is really Woody Allen bumbling about... dressed as a robot.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The opening voiceover lists the dangerous components of the machine, in time with Allen’s foppish frolics.

Monster Hour

The Movies: Pixar’s Monsters Inc ., and buddy cop comedy, Rush Hour .

The Mash-up: Pint-sized cyclops Mike Wazowski is a wacky man of the law, who finds himself teamed up with a new partner from the other side of the tracks. A perfectly-synced mash of the Rush Hour dialogue with monstrous animation.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Any time Mike opens his mouth and Chris Tucker’s voice pops out.


The Movies: A double wham-a-lam of caped and masked crusaders - Man Of Steel and The Dark Knight trilogy.

The Mash-up: College Humor ’s live-action parody pits two of the world’s mightiest superheroes, Batman and Superman, against each other in a battle of passive-aggressiveness.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Clark Kent tries to complement Batman’s skill set - which Mr. Wayne rebuffs with a series of witty observations about his shortcomings as a superhero.

Disney Princess Spring Breakers

The Movies: Spring Breakers and Disney’s The Little Mermaid , Cinderella, Snow White And The Seven Dwarves , and Aladdin .

The Mash-up: Bored with their prim and proper lifestyle, four of Disney’s princesses rob Cinderella’s wicked stepmother to fund a drug-fuelled trip down in Florida.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Snow White taking a bite of the apple, which apparently causes one to become intoxicated. Of course, her language is far more colourful.

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