50 Funniest Movie Mash-Ups

Reservoir Turtles

The Movies: Live-action feature, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tarantino’s bloody heist caper, Reservoir Dogs .

The Mash-up: The turtles have switched sides. No, not like that. In this reimagined mash, they’re a band of criminals dealing with the aftermath of a botched job. Thankfully, Splinter is on hand to dole out advice.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Michael Madsen’s Michelangelo.

The Muppet Avengers

The Movies: Marvel’s superhero blockbuster, The Avengers , and 2011’s puppet reboot, The Muppets .

The Mash-up: A preview for The Muppets gets cranked up with sound bites and score from The Avengers infusing their fuzzy puppeted antics with a dose of the grandiose. There’s nothing quite like Robert Downey Jr’s wise cracking quips emerging from the gaping trap of a green frog.

Greatest Example of Synergy: Samuel L. Jackson’s voice emanating from the mouth of Miss Piggy. Pure class.

The Wolf Of Bedford Falls

The Movies: A pair of unlikely candidates; The Wolf Of Wall Street and It’s A Wonderful Life .

The Mash-up: George Bailey, known throughout cinematic history as a selfless man who makes giant sacrifices for his town... has made a few changes to his financial strategies after accepting a job offer.

Borrowing the titles and music from The Wolf Of Wall Street trailer, Bailey is recut and reedited into a money-hungry gannet.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Turning George Bailey into a skirt-chaser.


The Movies: Two of the biggest robot franchises finally go tet-a-tet in the union of Terminator: Salvation and Transformers .

The Mash-up: The future lies in the power of the resistance as they wage war against the machines. Once it was just the Terminators, but now, the Transformers have joined in. Bit of a bugger, that.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: John Connor’s voiceover when describing the Transformers’ destructive habits - “They used to just shoot at us. But now, the worst of all... they're eating all of our sand.”

Toy Story 2: Requiem

The Movies: Animated toybox caper Toy Story 2 , and, err, Requiem For A Dream .

The Mash-up: The toys are unhappy. Well they’re bound to be when they’ve got no dope. A superb mix of the two titles with audio edits and sync-ups that’ll blow yo mind.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The superfast montage cuts made famous in Requiem , achieved Toy Story -style.

Darth Gene

The Movies: All three features of the original Star Wars trilogy, and the BBC series’ Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes .

The Mash-up: The voice of Darth Vader is dubbed in a handful of selected Star Wars moments by the foul-mouthed rantings of DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister.)

Greatest Example Of Synergy: One of Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Vader’s first encounters ends with a well-timed gag.

Good Will Batman

The Movies: Oscar-winner Good Will Hunting , and The Dark Knight series.

The Mash-up: One of the funniest spinoffs to emerge after Affleck’s announcement as the new Dark Knight, this video mashes a chap dressed as Batman into the Chuckie role in Good Will Hunting.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The boardroom scene - Batman wonders aloud what Catwoman’s motives really are.

I Am Jack's Dorsia Reservation

The Movies: Hedonistic ‘80s throwback American Psycho and David Fincher’s Fight Club .

The Mash-up: This video brings together Jack (Edward Norton) and Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale.) The two new friends who recently met on a plane are off to a rocky start. Bateman’s insistence on constantly calling Jack to spew out musical diatribes is getting the poor man down.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Jack leaves the receiver ontop of the phone while Bateman continues his rant about Huey Lewis, oblivious.

Watch I Am Jack's Dorsia Reservation

The Thing Cast Watches The Prequel

The Movies: John Carpenter’s 1982 version of The Thing , and 2011’s remake/prequel, also called The Thing .

The Mash-up: A clever integration of footage from the later film into TV and computer screens featured in the original movie. This mash gives the original characters a chance to offer up their opinions on the remake, via crafty audio editing.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Palmer’s incredulous “You’ve got to be fucking kidding.”

Johnny Utah's Day Off

The Movies: Surf’s up in Point Break as it meets ‘80s John Hughes comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off .

The Mash-up: A re-edit of Johnny Utah’s epic run from the ex-presidents in Point Break synced with the audio from Ferris’ final run back home.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Utah gets beats from a homeowner with a broom before telling her dinner smells delicious.

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