3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Mean Streets

There's one reason why Spider-Man 2 is the greatest superhero game ever made - the swinging mechanics that enabled you to swoop through the city like a... well, like Spider-Man. Which we guess is the whole point. Few moments in gaming can match the exhilaration of freefalling towards the ground before letting off a web and arcing gracefully back into air. Few games have ever recreated so perfectly a super-hero's powers and made you feel as though they were yours to command.

If developer Treyarch gets this right again then that's half the battle won. The other half? Well, that'll be the city. Treyarch did an amazing job last time - towering vertigo inducing skyscrapers, stretching out as far as the eye could see. The sense of scale was impressive at the time, yes, but there was something lacking - something that, hopefully, Treyarch is about to put right this time around.

You see, the city in Spider-Man 2 wasn't particularly well populated - there was no real hustle and bustle, no feeling that there was anything going on. To make matters worse, when something did go on, there wasn't much in the way of variety. Someone's bag being snatched. Again. Another man in the same orange jumpsuit needing rescuing from the top of a building. Again. You get the idea. No excuses this time, of course.