3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Mean Streets

Mean Streets

Spidey's in his natural habitat - New York City. In Spider-Man 2, the city was one of the most impressive achievements in current-gen gaming, and Treyarch is looking to up the ante this time, with a bigger, more detailed and more populated city to protect and serve. One of the biggest criticisms of the last game was the deserted feel the city often had. No prizes for guessing that won't be the case this time around...

Fists of fury

Super-strong and pretty handy when it comes to kicking the crap out of people, Spidey has a devastating range of ground and air combo options at his disposal. The fighting system has been completely overhauled, with more unique melee and web attacks, special finishing moves and, more importantly, powered up skills and a "Rage" state for black-suited Spidey.

Swinging success

It works by having your webs shoot from each hand, only attaching to solid objects in the game world, and the swing affected by what they're attached to and the speed and direction of your movement. Spidey also has some extra abilities to aid travel through the city. He can run over surfaces and up walls, and launch a zip-line-like web to grapple onto surfaces for extra speed and accuracy.

Keep it street

Expect the population to be much bigger down at street level, with a greater variety of incidental crimes and problems to take care of. We loved some of the challenges in Spider-Man 2 - taking people to hospital for example, or point to point races. Expect Treyarch to add much more content on the streets this time.