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14 minutes of deleted scenes from Warcraft: The Beginning released on YouTube

(Image credit: Universal)

Deleted scenes from 2016's Warcraft: The Beginning have been released on YouTube.

A new video has just been dropped onto the Universal Pictures All-Access (opens in new tab) YouTube channel which contains 11 deleted scenes from Warcraft: The Beginning. It’s just shy of 14 minutes of footage in total.

Plenty of the scenes aren’t finished, so there's some placeholder CGI and visible green screens scattered throughout the footage, but you get the idea of what the creators were aiming for in each scene, and Warcraft fans should find some extra world-building and characterisation here that’s worth checking out.

The Warcraft Movie, also known as Warcraft: The Beginning, received a mixed response from critics and fans when it dropped back in 2016. The CGI was certainly very impressive and it brought the world of Azeroth to life in impressive fashion, but the movie tried to cram too much into its runtime, leading to something that “manages to feel both rushed and dull” according to our review.

There were originally plans for a sequel to the Warcraft Movie, but there's been no word on that in quite some time, so it looks like the mediocre critical reception may have put those plans to rest. Things are looking much rosier for the game that spawned the movie though, as World of Warcraft continues to smash records. Just last year, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launched and was the fastest selling PC game of all time.

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