Ubisoft will be at Gamescom 2022

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Ubisoft will have a presence at Gamescom 2022, the company announced Monday.

The Assassin's Creed maker didn't have a major presence on this year's (not) E3 2022 schedule, but it's since confirmed it'll be returning to the spotlight for Gamescom 2022, which will take place in Cologne from August 24 to 28. We've yet to hear from the company about what projects it will be showing off, but the wording of its announcement makes it sound like we'll get a tease before the event. 

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Since Ubisoft isn't saying anything yet, we're left to speculate about what it might have to show. It's unlikely we'll see the follow-up to Assassin's Creed Valhalla, as Ubisoft has said "the future" of the series will be revealed in its own September event. It's technically possible we could see new Valhalla content, but Ubisoft has already unveiled what it's calling "the last episode of Eivor's story," which suggests it's also the last of the game's major expansions.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft's long-awaited pirate game Skull and Bones is rumored for a July appearance, where it could finally reveal a release date. It's possible Ubisoft will follow up with a trailer at Gamescom, but July seems like a safer bet. 

Otherwise, there's the free-to-play spinoff of The Division that was revealed a little more than a year ago, as well as XDefiant, the free-to-play FPS with elements of Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and The Division which has now ditched the Tom Clancy moniker. 

In other news likely not to be revealed during Gamescom, Ubisoft is reportedly up for sale.

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