Ubisoft announces impending removal of controversial DRM from PC port of From Dust

Ubisoft has announced it will be removing DRM from the PC version of From Dust requiring an Internet connection before the game can be launched, the company told players via the game's forum. The measure, part of Ubi's persistently controversial scheme to have players authenticating games whenever they're played, is being removed after many players reported issues which prevented them from playing the game. However, Ubisoft says the check can't be removed immediately – but this time, the delay is for players' benefit.

While the extremities of Ubisoft's notorious DRM – which would require players to maintain a constant Internet connection, even when playing offline – were said to be LINK http://www.gamesradar.com/ubisoft-dialing-back-drm-for-driver-san-francisco-on-pc/ scaled back for the upcoming Driver: San Francisco, the measure has plagued the release of From Dust. Meanwhile, word around the internet is that Steam is offering refunds to players unsatisfied by with From Dust’s PC iteration.

The title, an adventurous experiment by Out of This World designer Eric Chahi, first rewarded curious PC players by threatening to demand a constant connection – but even when this was reduced to checking only at the game's launch, the measure proved problematic, and is now being phased out in an upcoming patch. The patch will be released once measures have been put in place to preserve the saved games of existing players, ensuring that the title can hopefully be enjoyed as God – which, in this case, means “you” – intended.

Aug 24, 2011

Source: Gamasutra