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Two new clips from Lawless: watch now

Lawless is currently wowing festivalgoers at Cannes this week, but for those of us stuck at home, John Hillcoat's western has released a new pair of clips to savour.

The film follows the notorious Bondurant brothers (played by Hardy and Shia LaBeouf), a pair of bootleggers operating outside the law in Prohibition-era America, who find their operation under threat from Guy Pearce's ruthless Special Agent.

The first clip shows Hardy and Pearce squaring up to each other in an electrifying confrontation, while the second features a quiet conversation between the two brothers, in which Hardy attempts to convince LaBeouf he has what it takes.

Take a look at the new clips, below...

The standout of the new footage is surely Guy Pearce's performance as a truly creepy villain, what with his array of nervous tics and weirdly androgynous appearance. If you want no-good varmints to respect you, shaving off your eyebrows looks like the way to go.

Co-starring Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska and Noah Taylor. Lawless opens in the US on 29 August 2012, with a UK release to be confirmed. The western is well and truly back...

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