Twitter with at the Golden Globes

Tonight, at 8pm EST (midnight UK time) the team will be watching and commenting on the 66th Golden Globe Awards - live. As they happen. From Hollywood.

Contribute to the chat by following the Twitter feed at

Twitter is a live microblogging service which, as you've probably heard, is The Future. Or The New Facebook. Or That Thing Used By The Fella Who Was In The Plane Crash.

You sign up (it's free) and post Facebook-style updates, revealing what you're doing, thinking or thinking about doing.

140 characters max, mind - so you have to keep it pithy and pertinent.

The trick is to 'Follow' a selection of other users' Twitter feeds. It's like eavesdropping on the thoughts and lives of people whose thoughts and lives you care about or can learn stuff from.

Anyway, to follow us at tonight's Globes (and future live events), go to , sign up, then follow us at

If you want to make a comment that we'll see instantly, just type @totalfilm before your message.

Go here for a full list of Golden Globes 2009 noms.

Go, Heath! Go, Sally! Go, Slumdog! Go, Kate! Go, In Bruges! Go, er, Gomorrah!