Twisted Metal coming to PS3

It looks like Sony's clown-heavy car combat series Twisted Metal is coming to PS3, if a hidden message in the latest PS2 entry is to be believed.

Clever internet fanshave managed to decode a hidden message in one of Twisted Metal: Head On Extra Twisted's unlockable videos. Apparently after taking various numbers, putting them in alphabetical order and then casting Din's Fire from Zelda, you get the message "Twisted Metal is on PSTHREE."

David Jaffe has hinted in the past that a link to his next game would be hidden in the PS2 update.

Fantastic news if true then. The only question is what form will Twisted Metal PS3 come in? Will it be a full game, or a WipEout-style PSN effort? As long as its got decent online options, we're not bothered.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 7, 2008