Twisted family secrets are revealed in Dark Ride #8

Art from Dark Ride #8.
(Image credit: Skybound Entertainment)

Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan's theme park-set horror comic Dark Ride is nearing the conclusion of its second arc.

Following the cliffhanger at the end of the previous issue, Dark Ride #8 finds the Dante family in disarray as Halloween and Sam vie for control of their father's amusement park, Devil Land. Meanwhile, Summer has hit rock bottom in her search for the truth about what really happened to her brother. The only person who seems to hold the answers is Arthur Dante, but his schemes are more deadly than his children yet realise... 

The new issue comes with a selection of four different covers, including the latest in the book's run of homage variants directed by Tony Fleecs. In this instance artist Trish Forstner delivers a Lion King-inspired cover that teases "the devil has returned". 

You can check out all four, including Andrei Bressan and series colorist Adriano Lucas's main cover, in the gallery below.

We also have an exclusive first look at several unlettered pages from the new issue, which show off Bressan's typically evocative pencils and the subtle use of black and white with splashes of color that define the flashback sequences in the series.

There's no word as yet if #8 is the final issue of the entire series, or simply the end of the second arc. Still, Dark Ride has been a substantial hit for Skybound, so it's likely the publisher will want to keep this theme park open a while longer.

Dark Ride #8 is published by Skybound on September 13.

Dark Ride isn't the only horror comic published by Skybound. Last year the publisher released a new series based on the iconic Creepshow TV show.

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