Skybound announces Dark Ride, a new horror title from the Birthright creative team

Dark Ride #1
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Birthright creators Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan are reuniting for Dark Ride, a new horror series from Skybound that takes place in The Scariest Place on Earth: Devil Land.

Dark Ride follows Owen Seasons, a lifelong fan of the horror-themed amusement park Devil Land, from his first day working at the park. On the surface, the scariest thing about Devil Land is the ride Devil's Due. But once Owen starts his new job, he learns behind-the-scenes secrets, including the truth about the park's reclusive owner, Arthur Dante. As it turns out, Devil Land isn't just a gimmick – it's actually terrifying.

Dark Ride #1 (Image credit: Skybound)

"Two of my biggest obsessions have always been HORROR...and AMUSEMENT PARKS. So, I had to find a way to combine them into something new. It's a dream book I've been working on for a LONG time and it's been awesome to finally pull it together with Andrei and the whole Birthright team!" says Williamson in the announcement. "It's great to get back to horror after Nailbiter ended, and here we dive into some new themes with horror: What is scary in today's world? How can you create something scary when every day we're living in a horror show? Those are the themes I wanted to explore with DARK RIDE. Amusement Parks are meant to be a place of FUN...but here we really bring the HORROR."

Bressan adds, "It's safe to say that we're heading home! I'm really happy to be reunited with the rest of the Birthright clan once again! Hell! We usually tell people we are a team, but in fact, we are a living, breathing creature! And a hungry one too! At first you had us brandishing swords...but now, this time around ... well ... horror, right? I remember reading something that says 'In horror, the surface always lies. Nothing is what it seems to be.' So, take this and mix it up with an amusement park. You think you're playing and having fun, but you're actually flirting with Death. And here, Death blinks back at you!"

Skybound has announced at least four issues of Dark Ride, with an introduction to the world in July's Skybound X #25. Editor Amanda LaFranco cites Williamson and Bressan's Birthright as "one of the iconic modern series," and says Dark Ride is "everything you love about Joshua and Andrei turned up to eleven, with a thrilling new approach to horror comics."

Dark Ride #1 hits shelves October 5, with main cover art by Bressan and series colorist Adriano Lucas and a variant by Martín Morazzo.

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