Devil Land's sinister creator finally steps out of the shadows in Dark Ride #7

Halloween looking suitably demonic.
(Image credit: Skybound / Image Comics)

Joshua Williamson is currently scaring up a storm over at DC as the lead writer on the upcoming Knight Terrors crossover, but his well-known love of horror goes far beyond superheroes. Dark Ride, Williamson's ongoing series with artist Andrei Bressan, is about to publish its seventh issue - and things are looking supremely sinister at the world's scariest amusement park...

The series revolves around Devil Land, a horror-themed amusement park founded by the mysterious Arthur Dante. Dante hasn't been seen in public for years, but his children, Samhain and Halloween, are controversial public figures. In the first issue a young fan, Owen, vanished in mysterious circumstances at the park. The series has since followed his sister as she tries to expose the truth about the evil forces at work in Devil Land. 

You can check out a gallery of pages from the new issue below.

Skybound's teaser for the new issue says: "In this issue, Arthur Dante reveals himself to the world for the first time in many years to deal with his children, and unveil the scariest ride ever created."

The new issue comes in four variant covers. The main cover is by Andrei Bressan and series colorist Adriano Lucas. Anwita Citriya's cover features Danny D. Evil, the park's mascot. Halloween Dante stars on Paulina Ganucheau's cover, while Tony Fleecs and Amy Mebberson's classic homage poster variant is a wickedly amusing parody of Frozen. 

Dark Ride #7 is the penultimate issue of the current arc, and is published by Skybound on July 12.

Dark Ride isn't the only horror comic published by Skybound. Last year they released a new series based on the iconic Creepshow TV show.

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