Twin Peaks is getting a damn fine-looking fan-made PS1 demake

Twin Peaks: Into the Night
(Image credit: BlueRoseTeam)

Diane, it's 10:30am, August 10, and I've just made the most incredible discovery. You remember the Laura Palmer case, dramatized in the 1990 television series Twin Peaks? Fans of the program are creating - excuse me - a damn fine-looking PS1 demake.

I have to admit that Twin Peaks: Into the Night isn't a true PS1 game, but rather merely a facsimile created with the magic of modern technology. Still, the folks of Blue Rose Team have already built something truly impressive - I've never seen so many low-poly trees in my life. As W.C. Fields might have said, I'd rather be in 1995 than 2023.

Into the Night has fixed camera angles in the style of classic Resident Evil for that proper retro aesthetic. The game appears to be largely focused on inventory-based puzzle solving. I had a dream that someone from Blue Rose Team told me "that gameplay you like is going to come back in style," and it looks like they were right on the money.

A demo for Into the Night is going to launch on August 15, and it will be completely free. That's what I need: a fun game, reasonably priced. You can download it from - damn good indie game distribution service. Diane, if you ever get up this way, Twin Peak: Into the Night is worth a stop.

If you're looking for more fan-made video game remakes of quirky '90s favorites, a full remake of Earthbound is also in the way in the form of Mother Squared.

Dustin Bailey
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