TV REVIEW Stargate Atlantis 4.12 "Spoils of War"

Original US airdate: 11/1/2008

Written by: Alan McCullough

Directed by: William Waring


The One Where: It turns out that the Wraith stole the ZPMs from the Replicators and are using them to power a gigantic cloning facility. Sheppard’s team takes command of an abandoned Wraith Destroyer but Sheppard, Ronon and McKay are captured. Teyla, whose Wraith abilities are being enhanced by her pregnancy, manages to take control of the Wraith Queen and helps them escape, then sets the Destroyer on a course to crash into the facility, levelling it.

Verdict: With the Replicators mercifully out of the way, at least from all appearances, it’s good to get a Wraith-centric episode again at long last – they’re far more interesting. There isn’t much development of the Wraith here, beyond some historical stuff, but it’s a promising return. The stuff about Teyla’s pregnancy enhancing her powers is all very predictable, although the psychological stand-off between her and the Queen is pleasingly tense and well-executed, albeit with some clunkily-delivered dialogue.

Question: This is the fourth episode this season where Carter doesn’t appear, despite some big developments. She doesn’t even get mentioned! What is going on?

Did You Spot? This is the first time we see a Wraith warrior without its helmet.

Trivia: Once again, Christopher Heyerdahl is replaced by Brendan Penny as the Wraith, who’s now nicknamed “Todd”.

Best Line:
Queen: "I don't believe that I have ever encountered such resistance from a human before."
Sheppard: "I've had a lot of practice."

Leah Holmes

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