TV REVIEW Medium 4.12 "Partners in Crime"

Original US air date: 14/04/2008

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Written by: Robert Doherty, Craig Sweeny

Directed by: Vincent Misiano


In Dreams: Allison witnesses her old adversary, FBI Agent Cooper (no, not the pie-eating one) apparently shooting a suspected murderer in cold blood in a hotel room.

The One Where: Allison forms an unlikely alliance with FBI profiler (and cold-hearted killer) Cooper, while Joe finds a (very pretty) financial backer for his solar battery.

Verdict: Medium bounces back into five star territory with an episode boasting the return of the fascinatingly devious FBI profiler Ed Cooper. Having Cooper become Allison’s champion – requesting her help on the case of the week in the face of a dumbfounded Van Dyke – is a wonderfully unexpected development (in fact, Cooper’s dismissive attitude towards Van Dyke is entertaining throughout). But then one jawdropping twist follows another in a plot that’s about as predictable as the scheduling for Doctor Who, with an ending that’s shocking, clever and completely logical. Mixed in with all this we get Joe sheepishly signing away his controlling share in his new invention, and once again, Medium makes the home front plot as compelling as the grisly crime shenanigans.

Time Checks:
Joe: “It’s 11 o’clock.”

Trivia: Kurtwood (RoboCop) Smith previously appeared as FBI Agent Cooper in the episode “Profiles of Terror”, and this episode strongly suggests he’ll be returning again some day.

Best Line:
Allison: "I’d fund your project."
Joe: "Really? And how much money do you have?"
Allison: "Including the redeemable bottles I’m bringing back to the market, about $17."

Dave Golder

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