TV REVIEW Lost 4.02 "Confirmed Dead"

Original US air date: 7/2/08

Written by: Drew Goddard, Brian K Vaughan

Directed by: Stephen Williams


Flashback: We get to see the four rescuers before they came to the Island: Miles (a psychic); Frank (the pilot who should have flown Oceanic 815 but didn’t); Charlotte (an anthropologist); and Daniel (a twitchy scientist). They are all brought together by Abbadon.

In the Present: The rescuers are forced to parachute onto the island when their helicopter goes haywire. Miles, Frank and Daniel make contact with Jack’s lot while Charlotte is taken prisoner by Locke’s bunch. Jack and co discover the helicopter is still working. Ben tries to kill Charlotte so Locke decides to execute him. Ben talks his way out of death by revealing that the rescuers have come for him, but he has a spy on their boat.

Verdict: There’s almost too much new info and too many new revelations to take in here as the rescuers turn out to be a very suspect bunch indeed... but also an instantly intriguing set of characters. This is a series which is taking off in strange new directions and doing it in style. The dialogue is great too, with Sawyer back at his quipping best.

Day: 92-93, 22-23 December 2004 (mostly day 93).

Trivia: Daniel’s surname is Faraday. Michael Faraday was the scientist who discovered the link between light rays and electromagnetism. Daniel mentions the weird way light is scattered on the island.

Oddness In her flashback, Charlotte discovers polar bear bones and a Dharma insignia in the desert. Frank is convinced that the pilot found in the 815 wreckage isn’t actually the designated pilot.

Best Line:
Ben: "I have a man on their boat."

Dave Golder

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