Turns out The Last Guardian's Trico poops and it's confused a few people (and there's a trophy involved)

If you see Trico scratching at the ground in The Last Guardian, don't go over and pick up the green blobs. That's its poop. But the unusual nature of its excrement doesn't make that immediately apparent, which led to this video and what might be the greatest Reddit thread in the history of the site: "Strange green eggs or blobs. No purpose?"

I mean, it's a giant bird-dog, so it's bound to have giant, weird poop, right? You can imagine Trico's confusion as the boy cheerfully tromps around with an armful of its excrement. On the plus side, if you do witness Trico's bowel movement, you'll get an appropriately titled gold trophy: "The Call of Nature".

But for Trico's sake, please let the moment happen in the natural course of the game. Don't just stand there and wait for it to go. Nobody likes to poop under pressure.

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Connor Sheridan

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