Turn your Zoom call into an RPG cutscene with these Square Enix Zoom backgrounds

(Image credit: Square Enix)

A new set of Kingdom Hearts and Trials of Mana Zoom backgrounds from Square Enix will make your video chats feel more adventurous.

The company shared a bundle of images that repurpose in-game environments and concept art from a trio of Square Enix games for your remote working/socializing purposes. You could also use them as a computer or phone background if you prefer.

Here's the first set of images, pulled from Kingdom Hearts 3 art.

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When the original Kingdom Hearts came out I never figured the very same series would become the premiere source for Disney-themed goth backgrounds, but here we are. The one with all the empty frames is an especially strong choice - "who or what is really on display here," your fellow video conference participants will wonder to themselves as they admire your mystique.

Square Enix also put out a set of images for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. The upcoming mobile game was originally set to arrive this spring but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At least you can put yourself in the game's world in a different way with these backgrounds.

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Last up is a set of four backgrounds from Trials of Mana, the newly remade version of the 1995 sequel to Secret of Mana. It's hard to pick a favorite, though the simple joy of a giant googly eyed sea turtle wearing swimming goggles is difficult to overstate. His name is Vuscav and I love him.

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Take these images together with those fresh Animal Crossing Zoom backgrounds and you will be the undisputed final boss of any video call you join.

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