Use these official New Horizons wallpapers as your Zoom background for eternal island vibes

Now you can enjoy Animal Crossing: New Horizons even when you're working, thanks to a set of official wallpapers that are perfect for your next Zoom virtual background.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo shared the new set of four wallpapers on its official site. One shows the town square and Resident Services tent in the background, ready for you to supplant Tom Nook in making the daily announcements. If you'd prefer to head inside for a more extensively developed island experience, you can use this second image from inside the proper Resident Services building.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Keep in mind that people will expect an Isabelle-quality presentation from you if you pick this background. You may want to hold off until you're ready to tell everybody about that quiz show you watched last night.

The selection of wallpapers starts with New Horizons but goes much further than that. You could set yourself in front of a legion of adoring fans at an Arms tournament, or stand before the quiet majesty of the Garreg Mach Cathedral, or frame yourself against the high-tech contraptions of professor E. Gadd's workshop.

To use the backgrounds in Zoom, you'll need to download them to your machine then upload them to Zoom - here's a walkthrough straight from the official Zoom support center. You can mix things up with virtual backdrops from Marvel Comics, Studio Ghibli, and more with our guide to the best Zoom backgrounds.

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