Tuesday Link-a-Mania

John Carter Not For All Ages
WALL-E director Andrew Stanton has been talking to Sci Fi Wire about his upcoming live action, big screen version of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s pulp action novels John Carter of Mars, and he promises that it won’t be a family-friendly, Pixar-like movie: "It's not being done by the Pixar crew. It's being done by Disney, and I'm sort of being loaned out. We're sort of using any element that we need to make the film right. We're not being purist with Pixar, but Pixar's a brand that you have to trust that's for all ages. This story of John Carter is not going to be an all-ages film.” He does admit, though, that with all the creature FX that the film requires, it could end up being around 50% CGI anyway..

Fillion Could Have Been Crichton
In an interview with Stargate site Gateworld , Ben Browder reveals that Nathan Fillion audition for the role of Crichton in Farscape: "I was talking to Nathan Fillion about it down at Comic-Con. And he had auditioned for Crichton as well. I was saying, 'How come everything I go out for you get?' And he goes, 'I auditioned for Farscape!' I go, 'No, you didn't!' 'Yes, I did!' So, there you go. The one that got away from Nathan."

Burton’s 999 Call
Focus features has announced the release date for the Tim Burton produced animated sci-fantasy film 9, which according to The Hollywood Reporter will rather fittingly be 9 September – in other words, the ninth day of the ninth month 2009. 9, which is written and directed by Shane Acker, appears to be an update of his own 2005 short film (below) and concerns a group of living dolls in post-apocalyptic parallel universe. Voice artists include Elijah (Lord of the Rings) Wood, Christopher (Star Trek VI) Plummer, Martin (Space: 1999) Landau and Jennifer (Hulk) Connelly.

R-Rated Body-Swapping
Body Swapping movies are nothing new, but Opposites Attract promises to be a bit saucier than Freaky Friday. According to Coming Soon , the Jay Chandrasekhar-directed movie will be a R-rated take on the genre, about a young couple who, ""walk a mile in each other's shoes". They shag, then.

Torchwood For July
According to gay website After Elton BBC America has let slip that the Torchwood mini-series "Children Of Earth" will air on the UK BBC and BBC America simultaneously in July, later (in the UK at least) than many fans were expecting. The plan to show it over five nights consecutively, though, still seems in place.

Swot Up on Lost
Entertainment Weekly is getting very excited about Lost describing the opening two episodes of season five (mild spoilers alert): "the two-part premiere event will reward your toe-tapping anticipation with bunches of capture-your-imagination, theory-inspiring (and theory-narrowing) developments. The cat is out of the bag: This season is about time travel — explicitly, unapologetically, sometimes dauntingly, altogether pretty ingeniously." The article then recommends five episodes you need to rewatch to prep yourself for the coming season: "There’s No Place Like Home, Parts Two and Three"; "Flashes Before Your Eyes"; "The Constant"; and "Cabin Fever". Checking out the Pierre Chang Comic-Con video is another tip.

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