Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Shyamalan Poised for Airbender Adaptation
While promoting his latest thriller, The Happening, director M Night Shyamalan spoke to Sci Fi Wire about his next movie, an adaptation of Nickelodeon's animated SF/action/martial-arts series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which he’ll write and direct. "It has martial arts and spirituality and the supernatural, and it has Buddhist philosophy and Hindu philosophy – really, everything I talk about – all in one movie,” he says. The US-produced cartoon is anime-inspired, following the adventures of Aang, a hero found trapped in an iceberg, as he tries to save the world from war with the Fire Nation.

Smurfs Return!
The writers behind the second and third Shrek movies are to script the big screen return of the Smurfs for Columbia, according to Variety . The film will be a live action/animated hybrid featuring the little blue Belgian-created imps who invaded British TV screens and the pop chart in the ’80s. If you’ve never heard of them… you’re lucky.

Scream if You Wanna Be Famous
Forget X-Factor and American Idol – the ultimate SFX fan’s reality show has arrived. VH1 in the US has given the greenlight to Scream Queens in which 10 unknown actresses will compete for a "major" role in a horror movie from Lionsgate Films (who backed the Saw movies), says The Hollywood Reporter .

Iron Man 2
After actor Terrence Howard (Colonel James Rhodes in Iron Man) claimed in an interview that Iron Man 2 would start filming in March next year director Jon Favreau has gone on-line stating that such a start date is unrealistic, reports Coming Soon . "This genre of movie is best when it is done thoughtfully and with plenty of preparation. It might be better to follow the Batman Begins/Dark Knight, X-Men/X2 three-year release pattern than to scramble for a date," says Favreau.

Devil Transformer
Following the revelation that the Transformers sequel will be called Revenge of the Fallen, CHUD has done a bit of research and has discovered that The Fallen is actually a character from the Transformers comics. Apparently he’s an ancient, evil Transformer who equates to the devil in their mythology. So presumably his auto-ego won’t be a Smart car.

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