Tuesday Link-A-Mania

JJ Abrams, Gotham , The Walking Dead and more!

• Fox has ordered Batman prequel Gotham to series. The show has been picked up for at least 13 episodes , according to Entertainment Weekly . A two-minute long trailer has also been released. The show will follow the young Jim Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) as he fights back against the crimewave sweeping Gotham. Numerous Batman villains – including Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler and Poison Ivy – will feature, as will the death of Bruce Wayne's parents (see below).

• Star Wars Episode VII director JJ Abrams wished fans a happy " Star Wars day"(“May the Fourth be with you”) on Sunday by recording a video of himself and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan that teases further casting announcements. Could recent Oscar winner Lupita N’yongo still be in the running? Or is Billy Dee Williams' Lando Calrissian set for a return? Watch the video below – and learn... very little.

• Of course, the Game of Thrones showrunners choose to ignore internet controversy . The events of recent episodes have had fans wondering why there's been no response from David Benioff or Dan Weiss about that scene in the third episode or the extent of the changes from the source material. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly they reveal that they've sworn off reading the commentary online. “It completely confounds the normal creative process,” explained Weiss.

Kevin Spacey’s in the latest Call of Duty game . Destructoid learned the details through a “trusted source” and Activision soon confirmed them. Set further in the future than Modern Warfare , the game is appropriately titled Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and it'll bring in futuristic weaponry such as exoskeletons and hover bikes . Unsurprisingly, Spacey plays a megalomaniacal leader in charge of a mercenary group. Here’s the trailer .

• Following the paths of Chad Coleman and Larry Gilliard Jr, Wire -alum Seth Gilliam is joining The Walking Dead . Deadline reports that his character is listed as Michael Todd, though it looks like his real name is being withheld for now. The character description reveals that he'll have “a haunted side stemming from a dark secret,” so he'll be like pretty much every other character on the show.

Simon Cocks