Tuesday Link-A-Mania

Who’s in line for the Riddler? Who’s Edward Cullen’s new friend? Why is Fringe safe? Who‘s going naked for cowboys? And loads more answers to questions you didn’t even realise you needed to ask

ComicBookMovie.com reckons it has the scoop on who’s on the shortlist to play the villain (allegedly The Riddler) in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy. You’ll not, no doubt, that are all from Inception … So is this scoop from an inside source or a bit of “two plus two” inspiration?

• Director Bill Condon has cast Pushing Daisies ’ Lee Pace as Garrett, a friend of Edward's (Robert Pattinson) in the two-part Breaking Dawn finale to the big screen Twilight saga, reports Latino Review .

• Comic creator Len Wein tells Movieweb that the only thing standing in the way of a new Swamp Thing movie are lawyers (stand fast, lawyers) and that Akiva ( A Beautiful Mind , Fringe , Batman And Robin ) Goldsman is itching to write the script.

• We’ll be getting a brief flash of Olivia Wilde in the nude in Cowboys And Aliens , according to ComicBookMovie.com . “We just finished shooting Olivia Wilde naked in front of a bonfire in front of 500 Apache warriors," says Adam Beach, who plays Harrison Ford’s henchman Nat Colorado in the film. “That was beautiful. You won’t get to see what I saw, but you’ll get a glimpse.” The DVD extras could be interesting.

• The CW network is planning to replace Smallville (which comes to an end after ten seasons in 2011) with another DC Comics-inspired show, according to ComicBookMovies.com … though they haven’t actually acquired any rights yet… or even decided on what property they want to go with. (Go on… go for Bouncing Boy – you know you want to).

• Despite a dip in ratings for season two, Fringe is in no danger, a Fox bigwig tells EW ’s Mike Ausiello : “We have no intention of screwing with Fringe because the show has been going great,” assured Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly. “It really came into its own last season. If I have any frustration it’s that I’d like the audience to be bigger because people deserve to see the work.”

Predators producer Robert Rodriguez is apparently in negotiations over whether or not he'll be involved with the big screen version of Deadpool , according to Total Film .

• Huzzah! Bungie has announced the completion of sci-fi videogame Halo Reach . The new title – the sixth set in the Halo universe – will be out on 14 September and is set in 2552, shortly before the events of 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved . You’ll play supersoldier Noble 6 rather than Master Chief. For more information, visit http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=258047 .

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