Troy Baker threatened to murder the coffee girl for his Far Cry 4 audition

"I'm going to peel your face off and put it on my own, it'll be the most glorious makeover I've ever had." Not words most people would probably say in a job interview, but Troy Baker is not most people. Responding to a fan at an Indy PopCon panel who asked Baker what it's like for the actor to create a villainous persona, Baker recalled his audition for Far Cry 4 villain Pagan Min.

"There were lines, and there was a script, and that went bye-bye very very quickly," Baker said, explaining how partway through his audition, an assistant came into the room to check on everyone's coffee. Rather than pause or start over, Baker turned it to his advantage. Telling the story to the panel's audience, Baker dropped into his Pagan Min voice and recapped the events as he talked to the audition team about the assistant:

"I said 'I'm sorry, who is this? Who is this walking into this room right now? N-n-n-no no no no, don't leave. Sit down. Have a seat. Please. No no no no, just make yourself comfortable. Would you like some coffee that you brought in, it looks very delicious. Now, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to murder her right in front of you. I'm going to peel your face off and put it on my own. It'll be the most glorious make over I've ever had".

Baker laughed, saying that Ubisoft team's eyes lit up at his performance. You can see all of the panel below, or skip to 22:32 for the setup and story straight from the Baker's mouth.

And hey, thanks, unnamed coffee girl. You helped Troy Baker land a role, giving us a villain to remember. Hopefully that knowledge helps soothe your nightmares.

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