Tron Legacy talk

Excited for Tron Legacy ? Like the scene they used in the teaser trailer?

Well, that scene’s actually got nothing to do with the final film – in fact, you won’t even be able to see it in the finished production.

Speaking with MTV , director Joseph Kosinski confirmed that the teaser “represents a period of time before our film begins. The teaser, at least tonally, represented the direction I wanted to take [the film].”

The director also revealed the funky new yellow Lightcycle ( click here ), and confirmed that the sequel will definitely be in 3D.

“Our approach is not like Avatar ,” he cautions, “which I think is 3D from the first shot to the last. Ours is sort of a Wizard of Oz approach.

“Ninety-eight percent of the 3D is in the world of Tron . The 3D really starts once we get into the Tron world.”

Kosinski was also keen to stress that, despite all the fancy technological wotsits, the most important part of Tron Legacy is really its story.

“The focus was always to serve the story we are telling. We've taken the events of the first movie as historical facts.

“In our story, Kevin Flynn emerged from his first experience as CEO of ENCOM and actually released the Tron video game based on his experiences in the first movie."

Tron Legacy hits screens in December 2010.

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