Tron Legacy helmer heads to Oblivion

Looks like Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski will have another job lined up after he finishes the long job of post-production work on the film: Oblivion.

It's the tale of a battle-scarred soldier who ends up court-martialled and ordered to patrol a desolate planet, slowly wiping out the local, primitive alien race.

But then a strange traveller arrives and both characters are forced to question their lives and reality itself.

He's apparently been developing the idea since the former ads helmer moved to Los Angeles four years ago, kicking around the concept of a simple sci-fi film with which to launch his directing career.

Tron Legacy, of course, has gotten in the way, but he seems ready to go back to it.

"I was looking to make a science fiction film that I could do on a budget," Kosinski tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's grown since then, but it's intended to be a very spare science fiction film, with a small cast but big ideas and big landscapes."

He's since pitch and sold it to Radical Pictures, which intends to both produce it as a movie and use its graphic novel arm to have the story out on stands.

It'll have to wait, though - there are light cycles to fashion first...

[Source: THR ]

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