Tron Legacy gets a new trailer

Tron Legacy is mere weeks away, and if the recent preview screening and Daft Punk music videos haven't convinced you to get excited, then this final trailer might just do the trick.

By now you should be familiar with the story, as Kevin Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) enters the virtual world his father created in order to bring him back, and finds himself in a fight for survival during a series of deadly games.

The final trailer features more backstory, and more of a sense of scale for the epic virtual world where the film is set, including a look at some new, winged charcaters, and a glimpse at what could be an action-defining aerial battle.

You can see the trailer below;

Excited yet? The only thing raising some concern is the digitally de-aged Jeff Bridges, whose face doesn't quite look or move naturally, but beyond that the effects are jaw dropping.

Let's hope the plot can match them.

Tron Legacy is in UK cinemas 17 December 2010