Tripwire Magazine Turns 20 Years Old

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Tripwire , the Eagle -nominated British-American magazine on all things comics, film TV and genre culture celebrates its 20 th anniversary this year. To commemorate this special event, Unbound, the online book publishing site is working in conjunction with Tripwire to crowd fund a colour 200 page bound hardback edition of the magazine.

The brainchild of self-confessed comic book nut and sometime SFX contributor Joel Meadows, Tripwire magazine has developed a reputation for being where you can find the next big thing in comics before they blow up. The 20 th anniversary edition boasts art from such icons as Mike Mignola, Frankn Quitely and Drew Struzan and interviews with such comic book heavyweights as Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Guillermo Del Toro. Meadows himself says "When we started Tripwire as a fanzine back in 1992, I would never have dreamt that 20 years later, we'd be celebrating its anniversary. It has become so ingrained in my professional make-up that I almost don't know what I'd have done without it.”

Most interestingly about Tripwire ’s 20 th Anniversary Edition is the manner in which Meadows and his team are going about its publication. Through the website Unbound , Meadows is pitching his vision for the 200-page hardback tome online for everyone to see. Through pledges to the pitch, supporters can receive different levels of the Tripwire 20 Th Anniversary, ranging from an ebook edition with their name in the back, all the way up to a high quality, signed hardback edition with a goodie bag containing prints and copies of the five best graphic novels in the past 20 years, as selected by the Tripwire team, not to mention invitations to the Anniversary edition’s launch party.

You can support the Tripwire crowd fund at

Carl Anka

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