Tribes: Ascend now taking applications for closed beta

Tribes: Ascend, Hi-Rez Studios' HD relaunch of the Tribes series of cult FPS series, will begin beta testing “within the next few weeks,” says the company. Not just anyone will be able to try out the title's lasers 'n' jetpacks though: admissions for the closed beta are now active via the game's website, with a small initial intake to build between now and the game's early 2012 release.

Above: In a few scant weeks, you too could be making embarrassing mistakes like this

Above: Here's June's teaser for the beta build

The beta version of the multiplayer-only Tribes: Ascend will initially be limited to four multiplayer maps, playable in two modes and dotted with three types of vehicles. The beta build will support 32-player PvP and 12 character classes for players to get acquainted with. The finished title will support the mandatory wide range of multiplayer game modes and vast breadth of maps, but there's plenty of beta invites to go out between now and then – register now for your chance to receive one of them.

Sep 15, 2011