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Trailer Trash 7

In this week’s trailer trash, we’ve selected videos for casual games to outrage your brain. From downloadable shovelware to half-hearted licensed schlock, something here is guaranteed to make you shake your head in disgust.

Fish ‘em All

Some questions can never be answered. Like why are those old dudes having a hoedown on the pier? And why are bombs flying out of the water? And how much can you waggle before your arm falls off?

Restaurant Empire 2

If you can tear yourself away from Turbotax for a few hours, a rollicking good time awaits you in Restaurant Empire 2. Yay, spreadsheet porn!

Flack Squad: Defenders of Liberty

From the developer’s website: “Defend your territory from swarms of realistic enemy aircraft, ships, and tanks in over 40 turret-based missions.”

It is 2009.