Trailer Park: Shyamalan's The Happening!

After the disappointing Lady In The Water, M Night Shyamalan has been secreted away, busily cranking out his latest tale of suspense. And from the looks of this first trailer, it appears that The Happening might just have recaptured a little of that M Night magic.

It’s eerie, atmospheric and suitable apocalyptic, with the world’s plant life going on the offensive and emitting a chemical which makes humans off themselves violently. Watch out for falling builders and head here to see it .

Also appearing online is the international trailer for Taken, which finds Liam Neeson stupidly agreeing to let his teenage daughter go overseas to visit some mates. He should have realised he was in a film and these things never end well. But when she’s snatched and he makes contact with her kidnappers, he doles out some very moody advice – he’s pissed, he’s skilled and he’s going to hunt ‘em down and kill ‘em all… Nice! Track down the trailer here .

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