Tower of Fantasy 2.0 teaser shows off new desert area and cyberpunk mirror city

Tower of Fantasy developer Hotta Studio has unveiled a trailer showing off Vera, a brand new desert area with a cyberpunk hub at its center. The new region is at the heart of the upcoming 2.0 update, which will also add slick new hovercraft mounts, Legendary bosses, Tower of Fantasy Friendly Sand Rabbits and more.

The Vera region is a vast, arid region with palm trees, running rivers, and massive red rocks like the ones you might find in Sedona, Arizona. It once lied under the jurisdiction of The Seventh Division of Helgaard, but it's since lost contact with the main plane after the Cataclysm. 

While the gorgeous desert vistas of Vera look thrilling enough to explore, there's also the city of Mirroria, which is situated in the middle of the Desert Gobby and houses most of the region's occupants. Mirroria is a futuristic metropolis with flying cars, neon-lit skyscrapers, and all sorts of fancy tech - there couldn't be a more stark contrast to the irradiated wasteland lying all around it.

The trailer also shows off some of the new Legendary world bosses, and they definitely look like they'll put your skills and weapons to the test. In addition to these encounters, players venturing out to Vera can look forward to excited to finding new instances and raids to tackle with their buddies, as well as new missions, events, and progression rewards.

On top of all that, there's also a new playable character releasing "soon." Frigg is a thoughtful, efficient solder with a unique perspective on life, and she can be found quietly philosophizing when she isn't gunning down baddies. You can check out Frigg's reveal trailer just below:

Tower of Fantasy is available now on PC and mobile devices.

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