Totally Game Season 2 begins October 28

Totally Game season 2 is on its way!

The first episode of the new season will debut on October 28, and this season promises to bring you more incredible stories that showcase the true power of gaming.

From going undercover on Warzone with Ghost voice actor Jeff Leach to meeting the blind gamer who can beat any challenger in Mortal Kombat, as well as hanging with the real-life Peter Parker who recerates stunts from Marvel's Spider-Man, Totally Game season 2 promises to up the ante when it comes to highlighting some of the fantastic feats gamers around the world have achieved. 

In case you missed the first season of Totally Game, which has earned over 21 million views in total, you can catch up on every episode of it here. That includes stories from the time a British teen managed to save the life of one of their friends while playing Fortnight, to the paralysed COD player who uses a controller made for his mouth. 

With the first episode of Totally Game season 2 due to go live on Wednesday, October 28, you can expect to see new episodes weekly on GamesRadar, so make sure to head back here so you don't miss any episodes of the Barcroft Studios production. 

Totally Game is a weekly show that focuses on the stories of players around the world, from the inspiring tales of people who have overcome difficulties using games to the amazing feats of record breakers. You can catch new episodes every Wednesday on Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and right here on GamesRadar. 

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