Totally Accurate Battlegrounds may be the silliest battle royale game ever made (and it's free for a bit)

If you enjoy Fortnite or PUBG but wish your preferred battle royale game was more floppy and weird, man oh man do I have good news for you. The creators of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - you've probably seen gifs of its slapstick tactical battles floating around the internet - have hitched their wobbly wagon to the latest trend with Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, an utterly ludicrous (but still quite fun on its own) parody of the battle royale genre.

TABG plays like PUBG if you were made out of jelly. Everything your character does is physics-simulated: there's a lot of worming around and falling down, which is great, and it's even possible to knock yourself off a perch with a powerful sniper rifle blast. In more standard battle royale news, you can drive vehicles or find armor and weapon attachments as you flee the closing circle. Granted, said armor may come in the form of a banana suit. To wit: my game-winning look.

A banana-suited warrior in Totally Accurate Battlegrounds.

Did I mention your character will start beatboxing if you press the "G" key?

Full disclosure: Part of the reason I'm so hyped about Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is because I won my second-ever match in it, meaning my current career win rate of 50 percent is about 10,000 times better than my win rate in Fortnite. Fuller disclosure: I suck at Fortnite. However, I was planning on writing about TABG even if I sucked at this one too!

Oh, and the coolest part is that Landfall Games is giving TABG away free for its first 100 hours. The game launched on Tuesday so that means you should have until Saturday or thereabouts to grab it. Just go on Steam and click the "play" button to add it to your account, you don't even need to install it. If you do end up missing miss the window, you'll be able to buy TABG for $5 afterward.

Landfall says we shouldn't expect console ports or even content updates for TABG, since it's pretty much an overgrown April Fools joke. The studio wants to focus on finishing up Totally Accurate Battle Simulator instead… but hey, I don't think Epic ever planned for Fortnite Battle Royale to explode the way it did and end up dwarfing the PvE mode it was built on. We'll see how things flop out.

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