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The Beeb have finally confirmed that Buffy and Angel star James Marsters is making a guest appearance in the first episode, and released the above pic, which we imagine will have inspired about 5000 slash fiction stories by tomorrow morning.
Says Marsters, "I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood so it was me who knocked on their door... I am really excited about the character I am playing. I can't say too much about him, except he is naughty and a bit of a psychopath."
“Naughty”? We’re guessing that’s an understatement.
In an interview with the Chicago Tribune , Barrowman comments, “There’s a scene between he and Jack when they first meet... all I’ll say is, this scene is so hot, so horny, so violent, that all the fans who watch it are going to [censored!]”

Calm down, ladies. And some of you gents.

Another guest star confirmed is Alan Dale – best known initially for his role as Jim Robinson on Neighbours, but latterly for his roles in shows like Ugly Betty, The West Wing, The O.C. and 24.

Russell T Davies also teases some of the storylines, which will include: “Torchwood's encounter with a rogue Time Agent; a tragic time-slip from World War One; and a memory-thief who uncovers long-forgotten secrets among the entire team”. Could Marsters’s character be the “rogue Time Agent”, do you think? Odds-on, we reckon.

Finally, here’s a list of all the writers for the second season:
Chris Chibnall: co-producer of the show, obviously.
Catherine Tregenna: writer of season one’s “Out of Time” and “Captain Jack Harkness”.
Helen Raynor: script editor of Doctor Who; writer of 2007’s Dalek two-parter and last year’s “Ghost Machine”.
James Moran: writer of the horror flick Severance – and an episode of Doctor Who season four.
Joseph Lidster: writer of several of Big Finish’s range of Doctor Who audio adventures.
PJ Hammond: creator of Sapphire and Steel and writer of last year’s “Small Worlds”. (Bet his is the one about “a tragic time-slip from World War One”!)
JC Wilsher: has written for loads of shows, including New Tricks, Dalziel and Pascoe and The Bill.
Matt Jones: executive producer of Shameless and writer of Doctor Who’s “The Impossible Planet”/“The Satan Pit” .

Torchwood season two will air on BBC Two in Spring 2008.

Sources: BBC/Chicago Tribune

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