Torchlight 2 preorders launch, offering you a free game or Neverwinter key

No, there's no Torchlight 2 release date in this article. However, when the end's not in sight, you've just got to press on and collect as much loot as possible along the way – advice that holds just as true for buying the game as it does for playing it. Both Steam and Perfect World Entertainment are now taking your money in exchange for the promise to furnish you with a copy of the game at Runic's earliest convenience, with both offering equally generous preorder bonuses (via Game Informer).

Steam preorders for the game come bundled with a free copy of the original Torchlight, which ought to provide enough content to turn you into a mumbling shut-in, should that be your ambition in life. Alternatively you could reserve a copy with Perfect World in exchange for a beta key to Neverwinter, Cryptic's Dungeons & Dragons MMO that's not due for release until late this year (here's our recent Neverwinter preview for more on the title).

Torchlight 2's priced at $19.99/£14.99. This month's seen the Torchlight 2 release date teased alongside promises that the game'll be available around the same time as Diablo III – but not the exact same time, because Runic may have been locked away with this thing for a while but the company's not crazy.