Torchlight 2 release date teased alongside new trailer

Runic Games has been working on Torchlight 2 for around two solid years, “which is not unreasonably long for this type of game,” says studio CEO Max Schaefer. Promising the studio is “going as fast as we can,” Schaefer says the game should be ready soon – but isn't ashamed to admit that its release is somewhat contingent on a certain other, eagerly-awaited point-'n'-click crawler.

With the Diablo III release date confirmed for May, Schaefer says Runic is eager not to engage the Blizzard behemoth head-on. “Diablo has announced a date, so we don't want to fall right on that,” says Schaefer. If Runic's game is ready to ship right as DIII hits shelves, “then we'll wait.”

“It'll totally be worth the wait,” promises Schaefer: “In the long run, people will be happy we took this extra time.” He's eager to distance Runic's game from Blizzard's, saying the game's $20 pricetag shouldn't mark it as a cut-price alternative to the diabolic threequel. The studio's also released a new trailer highlighting the Berzerker Charge Bar, just one example of the character-specific mechanics it hopes will continue to set Torchlight apart from its competitors.

Does the gaming world have time for more than one game about old-timey fantasy warriors bashing goblins in the face for gold pieces and magical doodads? Only you can decide – well, you and your millions of fellow consumers, so's we can get a decent sample size.