Top 10 Best Pop Star Appearances In SF & Fantasy 8

Best SF performance: Yelgrun in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pop fame: US indie proto-punkster, with his legendary backing band, The Stooges
SF fame: DS9 producer Ira Steven Behr was a big Iggy And The Stooges fan, and had already to get the emaciated singer on the show to play the role of Grady in the third season episode "Past Tense, Part II", but he was unavailable due touring commitments. Instead he turned up as the Cardassian Yelgrun three years later in “The Magnificent Ferengi” and was just great in the role. Not that he really needed to wear latex make-up to look like a weird alien.

Iggy was also Rat Face, a child molester in Tank Girl; a gang member called Curve in The Crow: City of Angels; and radio DJ Angry Bob in Richard Stanley’s Hardware (“... as for the good news: there is no f***ing good news!”)

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