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Top 10 Best Pop Star Appearances In SF & Fantasy 7

Best SF performance: Chester Desmond in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Pop fame: Country-tinged rock crooner
SF fame: The polymorphic Isaak is unarguable a good actor as well as a successful recording artist, with major directors like Bernardo Bertolucci and Jonathan Demme casting him in small but significant roles. David Lynch used him in his film follow-up to Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me, as Agent Chester Desmond. Although the role is restricted to the film’s (admittedly) lengthy prologue, Isaac is great as the efficient, deadpan agent, fully conversant with Lynchian weirdness, and playing straight man to Kiefer Sutherland’s more bumbling agent Sam Stanley. It’s a shame he vanishes from the proceedings so soon.

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