Top 10 sexy sexy game gurus!

Whoever said guys that make games have to be acne splattered, overweight, sexual grotesques? Not GR that's for sure. We've assembled a splendid showroom of digital dude, which guys and girls alike will appreciate.

Learn from their sartorial style, ponder the minds behind the men, or simply develop a warm feeling in a private place.

Come with us as we celebrate the kind of men formed on that rare occasion when God-like physical perfection meets a PHD level understanding of vertex shaders.

10 - Richard Garriott AKA Lord British AKA General British

Hold tight girls. The gaming powerhouse behind the Ultima series and Tabula Rasa is all about the beard. Fear the confidence behind those eyes. It's a look that says, "ladies in the market for guy with a chinfull of hair, a worrying amount of cheap jewelry and an arson conviction had better watch out."

Witness the persistent adherence to the Robin of Sherwood look; neatly clipped encirclement of downy fleece around the mouth, teamed with neck-length locks and a basin fringe. This is a man comfortable mixing proprietary software and a bottle of Pantene Pro-V.

Drink in this youthful, more avant-garde Garriott. Already busting an admirable hair-bonnet and the tender wisp of a tash, but what's this… he's accessorizing the look with suede gauntlets and a toy crossbow. Robust!

Arguably a misstep for the whiskery wizard. He's chosen to obscure his trademark helmet of hair with an actual helmet. The metal gloves also suggest an unfortunate leaning towards form over function. They can't be easy to type in.

Back on track with this highly charged, album-cover-worthy look. The blade. The shadow. What sights has this man seen? What adventures has he and that moustache survived? We can but guess, and only the luckiest of damsels will ever truly know.

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